Product Information

Rinse Aid® is part of Well Flow’s wellbore cleanup system of chemicals and surfactants designed to ensure efficient and effective cleaning of tubulars, casings and surface systems.

Rinse Aid® is a highly active liquid designed as a very powerful water  wetting agent. Unlike other surfactants, Rinse Aid® prevents agglomeration of oil or synthetic based mud when they come in contact with water or  brine. The product removes oil or synthetic based fluid from the solids  and provides rapid cleaning of mud-contaminated surface handling. 

Rinse Aid® is a water soluble blend pumped as a 5-10% v/v solution in  fresh water, seawater and brines the final film of oil and ensure that metal surfaces are water wet. The product is compatible with both weighted  and un-weighted spacers and exhibits little or no foaming.

Rinse Aid® makes an excellent spacer system for the removal of oil or synthetic mud prior to cementing, assuring water wet surfaces for greater bonding. 

Rinse Aid® can be used for removing synthetic based mud and sludge from gravel pack screens. Typical applications require 5-7% v/v solution in filtered brines. 

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance Liquid Clear
Odour Bland
pH 7.0±0.5
Flash Point >100°C
Solubility in Water Soluble
Specific Gravity (@20°C) 1.03±0.05


Supplied in 200 liter black lined steel drums or specialty containers if requested.

Shelf Life

Shelf life 2 years if kept in original sealed packaging out of direct sunlight.