Well Flow Senior Engineer Selected to Present SPE Paper at ADIPEC

This week, Well Flow International will attend ADIPEC 2016, highlighted by SPE Paper presentation No. 183457, Less Corrosive, Non-damaging Iron Sulfide Scale Remover by Senior Operations Engineer, Mohamed Bahgat. The presentation will take place on Thursday, November 10, 2016, from 9:50-10:10 a.m. in Capital Suite 19 at the Abu Dhabi National Exposition Center (ADNEC).

ADIPEC is held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates and has become the world's new meeting point for the over 95,000 global energy industry leaders.

With the 2016 technical conference receiving record abstract submissions, ADIPEC now hosts one of the largest Oil and Gas Technical Conference Programs in the world. Organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), this year’s program attracted a remarkable 2,700+ abstract submissions.

During the paper presentation, Bahgat will discuss the company's groundbreaking chemical well stimulation solutions. Bahgat will explain how Well Flow uses wellbore stimulation processes to revive non-producing wells, improve and management strategies and increase production. To meet paper author, Mohamed Bahgat, please complete the submission form at www.well-flow.com/ADIPEC2016.

Well Flow International is one of the world’s largest independent providers of technology-enabled wellbore cleanup chemicals, associated downhole tools, well intervention chemicals and stimulation chemicals. Headquartered in Bahrain with operations in the Arabian Gulf, Asia, the North Sea, North America and West Africa, Well Flow delivers specialized, technology-driven chemical and tool solutions to oil and gas industry leaders worldwide.

Vice President Tom Sherwin Tapped as Expert in Oil Review Middle East

This article was originally featured in Issue 7 of Oil Review Middle East and features an interview with Well Flow Vice President and Group Commercial Director, Tom Sherwin. Follow this link to the original article on pg. 102.

Well Flow pushes for stronger hold in Middle East with tech-driven solutions

WELL FLOW INTERNATIONAL, an independent provider of technology-enabled stimulation chemicals, wellbore cleanup chemicals and associated downhole tools, showcased its products at the Kuwait Oil & Gas Show (KOGS) 2015 in October.

“Well Flow provides a wide range of stimulation chemicals, which focus on scale removal rather than reservoir stimulation in oil and gas wells,” said Tom Sherwin, vice president and group commercial director.

Scale deposits, like barium sulphate, can build up inside the wellbore after drilling. The hydrochloric acid-based cleanup solutions offered by most companies are not completely effective in removing scale.

“Our solutions mitigate wellbore damage in all types of formations and reservoir environments. By combining Well Flow’s chemicals and tools, resource holders can improve recovery and injectivity rates, accelerate production, and maximise existing production or disposal infrastructure,” Sherwin asserted.



At ADIPEC, Well Flow will launch its newest, state-of-the-art stimulation chemical, HDC®-3. “It is the most powerful barite-dissolving chemical we’ve ever seen,” said Sherwin, adding, “And this solution is a game-changer. It is effective in downhole temperatures greater than 200ºC/400ºF, can dissolve 300 gm/liter or effective wellbore cleanout appropriate in nearly every major producing region.

KOGS was a huge support in promoting engineered chemistry technologies in scale remediation to the Kuwaiti market, Sherwin noted. “Kuwait is a major oil producer and we understand there is a huge market for specialized, technology-driven chemical and mechanical solutions for oil and gas industry leaders worldwide.”

Focussing on ADIPEC 2015, Sherwin reiterated that Well Flow looks to engage with as many customers as possible at the international event, as well as increase brand and product awareness. “There is an opportunity to expand operations into the UAE, Kuwait, Oman and Iraq, and Well Flow will also be exhibiting at trade shows in those areas,” said Sherwin. 

Outside of Well Flow’s long-time partnership with Saudi Aramco and IOCs such as BP, Halliburton and Shell, the company is active in pilot projects specifically focused on analytics-oriented solutions. “ADIPEC is an international gathering of the strongest, smartest, most strategic organizations in the world, and the Well Flow team looks forward to promoting new advancements in this ever-changing industry,” Sherwin remarked.