Product Information

Koplus® LX is a water based carbonate scale dissolver that works by dissolving drilling fluid additives, carbonates and polymers with an aggressive action while drying and cracking clays.

Koplus® LX can be used in OBM or WBM stuck pipe applications and contains a surfactant for removing glycol and oily inhibitors in water based or oil based fluid filter cakes. It can be used to dissolve cement particles, as well as collapsed carbonate formations. It is used neat and is usually pumped behind a weighted pill in weighted mud.

Koplus® LX has excellent bit and BHA cleaning characteristics and is environmentally rated “E.”

Pre-Flush Function

Emulsion breaking, polymer dissolving, metal sequestration, water wetting and de-oiling.

Wellbore Function

Carbonate dissolver, mud cake breaker and clay control.

Physical and Chemical Properties


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Appearance Mult-Phase Pale Yellow
Odour Slight Organic
pH 2.7±0.5
Flash Point No Data Available
Solubility in Water Fully Soluble
Specific Gravity (@20°C) 1.02±0.05


Supplied in 200 liter plastic drums or 1000 liter IBC containers.

Shelf Life

Shelf life is dependent on storage conditions but is estimated to be  between 3 and 4 years at 20°C or between 2 and 3 years if stored above this temperature.