Product Information

The EZI-Change® Casing Scraper is a high performance tool designed to scrape the interior walls of tubular members and remove debris such as scale, wax tar, paraffin, cement sheath and other debris prior to  completion operations.

The built in stabilizers have two main functions, which are to centralize the scraper blocks while the tool is working and allow the scraper blocks to have equal pressure against the tubular walls when operating in high  angle or horizontal, lateral wells. 

The six blocks, which cover 360 degrees, are designed specifically to each casing size and weight. This ensures complete contact on the entire tubular surface. The blocks exert 275 psi against the tubular walls. This is achieved by the use of springs behind the pads (bow springs for 5" tools and coiled springs in 7" and above). As the scraper blocks wear while in use, the pressure behind the block allows for a consistent even cleaning operation of the tubular walls.

Critical Features

  • Self-centralizing stabilizer for high angle and horizontal wells.
  • Stabilizers reduce torque.
  • 360 degree coverage whether rotated or not.
  • Equal pressure and even contact within the casing.
  • Cleans and checks drift simultaneously.
  • No temperature limitations.
  • Drillable.
  • Blocks are uniquely designed to allow rotation.