Ewan McCulloch is a manager with nearly 20 years international experience in logistics and the oil and gas industry. He joined Well Flow as Corporate Manager in 2006 before being named General Manager.

Prior to joining Well Flow International, McCulloch spent almost 10 years working in West Africa, primarily in Nigeria.

As a Compliance Manager for Orlean Invest West Africa (OIWA), he was responsible for compliance, corporate and legal, and the development of high-profile joint ventures. He also worked closely with many of OIWA’s subsidiary companies, providing industrial construction and engineering services within the ports and Oil Support Bases, as well as secure residential construction projects.

McCulloch was active in the development and implementation of OIWA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program in Lagos, Rivers and Delta States. He was also a Community Liaison Officer for the British Embassy for many years while based in Nigeria.

McCulloch served at Intels Nigeria Limited before joining OIWA (a logistics services provider for the Nigerian oil and gas industry, and the holding company for Intels Services Ltd.), where he managed intercompany accounting and revenue from 1999 to 2002. Before that, he worked for Intels Services in both logistics and contract coordination, as well as stevedoring, shipping, and oil support base operations.

Ewan McCulloch holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Strathclyde.